Fee & Permit Information

The calendar isn't working!

Are you trying to buy a permit for a date within 7 days? If so, you can't! If you need a permit that soon, you need to call a local store.View our Reseller Map

I ordered my permit on [insert date here], where is it?!

Did you choose to have the permit mailed via USPS certified mail or did you decide to pick it up in Brea? Either way, we can't track it we can only determine if it was signed for or if it was picked up at our will call. Before you call us, please remember that we require 7 days to get the permit to you and that we are smack in the middle of the seasonal rush.

I called and I had to leave a message and I really want my permit.

We're officially in the busy season which means everything is taking a little bit longer... except shipping! If you can, order your permit online and remember it takes 7 days to the get the permit to you. If you can't order it online, you can always call one of our authorized resellers and buy it direct from them. View our Reseller Map

Who needs a permit?

One permit is needed per primary vehicle. A primary vehicle is any street legal vehicle used for transportation to the recreation site. A permit is required at all times while in the fee area and may be required to exit the area. Please keep your permit until you exit the fee area.

How long do I have to purchase a permit?

The permit is required immediately upon arrival to the recreation area.

What are my permit options?

Season permit - cost $150 and is valid from October 1 to April 15

The Season permit will be sold as a sticker to be permanently affixed to the windshield of a primary vehicle. Temporarily affixing this sticker (e.g. taping) is not an acceptable means of properly displaying the permit and may result in a citation. The Season Permit must be adhered to your vehicle at all times while in the required permit area of the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (ISDRA). The adhesive supplied on the sticky side of the permit must be used to attach the sticker. Place the permit sticker on the exterior driver's side, lower corner of the front windshield. If the permit will be hidden due to a windshield cover, then adhere it to the exterior side of the window directly behind the RV driver. Seasonal Permits are non-transferable. Individuals who use multiple primary vehicles may find it less costly to purchase weekly permits in multiples of two through the online $10 Discount! promotion.


Weekly permit - cost $35 and is valid for seven consecutive days

- For each permit purchased online (Weekly or Seasonal), purchase a second weekly permit for $25. The second permit may be purchased for any weekly time frame
- Off-Site permits are available for purchase online at ImperialSandDunes.net or from an authorized permit reseller.


Weekly permit - cost $50 and is valid for seven consecutive days

- On-Site permits can be purchased on-site from ISDRA permit staff or ISDRA vendors
- Off-Site Permits cannot be purchased within a one mile radius of the Imperial Sand Dunes.

Where does it apply?

The entire Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area and its 1 mile planning area boundary. This includes, but is not limited to, Buttercup, Gecko Rd, Glamis, Gordons Well/Dunebuggy Flats, Mammoth Wash, Ogilby, Osborne, along both sides of the Coachella Canal and Ted Kipf Rd.
See map here

Does my America the Beautiful (Golden Access/Age/Eagle passports) pass reduce the fees?

No. America the Beautiful passes only apply to "entry" and "use" fees. America the Beautiful program discounts do not apply to the "non commercial special recreation permit fees" which are charged in this off-highway vehicle area. Please see the back of your America the Beautiful pass for more details.

Where can I purchase a 7-day or season pass?

Online: http://www.imperialsanddunes.net (right here!)
Phone: M-F, 8-4, you can call toll-free 1-800-832-7664
Onsite: WEP PERMIT STAFF personnel will be available near the recreation area's major entry points. Higher on-site fees apply
Local Stores: Purchase your 7 day or season pass at participating dune-area merchants

Can I convert my weekly permit(s) into a season permit?


Can I still replace my permit if it is lost or stolen?

A weekly hang tag permit will not be replaced. If a seasonal permit sticker was damaged or lost, through no fault of the owner, contact our contractor at sanddunes@wep-inc.com with photo documentation of the permit on the damaged vehicle, permit number, permit receipt, police or accident report, or copy of the receipt for the windshield replacement. Each request will be addressed individually.
Important Suggestion: keep vehicle windows rolled up and doors locked at all times.

Please remember...

Purchasing a permit does not give you the right to break the law. Under certain circumstances, a law enforcement officer may revoke your permit and/or evict parties temporarily or for the season. To avoid such actions and to have a safe and successful visit, adherence to all laws is vital. If your permit has been revoked, you will not be refunded.