The 2013-2014 ISDRA permit season will come to a close on April 15, 2014. Starting on April 16, 2014, permits will not be required to visit the ISDRA.
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Seasonal now a sticker!

Non-transferable sticker

Season Permits:
Good through April 2014. These cost $150 offsite.

The Season Permit must be permanently adhered to your vehicle at all times while in the required permit area of the ISDRA with the sticker adhesion. You are not allowed to use tape or any other adhesion to adhere the sticker to your vehicle.

Permits ordered online before noon (M-F) are usually mailed out the same day, but it can take up to 7 days for delivery!
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Give us a call at 800-832-7664, M-F, 8-4.

If you need your permit within 7 days, you'd better pick it up on the way to the dunes or when you get to the dunes!
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Look for us at Cahuilla and Buttercup Ranger Stations!

Weekly permits:
Good for 1 full week. You pick the start date. These cost $50 onsite. Buy them here and they're only $35*!

*For each FULL PRICED permit purchased online (Weekly or Seasonal), an additional weekly permit may be purchased for $25. The additional weekly permit may be purchased for any weekly time frame. Discounts cannot be combined.

How much is a permit? Depends how you get it. Permits delivered to you or picked up offsite are cheaper than permits bought onsite.
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Do you need a permit?
Yes! A permit is required for all vehicles that drive into the dunes or you can get a hefty fine!
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